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Do's and Dont's when Connecting to Municipal Gravity Sewer Systems

Gravity Sewer Systems

In a gravity sewer system, sewer lines are installed so that sewage from homes flow downhill utilizing gravity to move the sewage to the main sewer line.


If your sanitary service is provided by a gravity system, there are many things to do that will prolong the life of the system and prevent possible damage to your property. Following are some of the rules to follow if you are connected to a gravity sewer system.

  • DO practice water conservation. Reducing the amount of water going into the system extends the working life and reduces power consumption.
  • DO call MISS DIG at 800-482-7171 at least 72 hours before performing any digging on your property.
  • DO call 888-481-0439 to report any suspected leaks on the sewer system.
  • DO limit water use during a power outage as the municipal pumping stations may not be running.


  • DO NOT connect troughs, storm drains or water softeners into the wastewater system. It will increase costs, result in early failure of the system, and can result in a basement backup. Treating storm water cost thousands of dollars per year. Water softener discharge can create permit violations at the sewer plant.
  • DO NOT flush flammable, toxic, cloths, cigarettes, eggshells, sanitary napkins, tampons and applicators or other solid products into the sewer system. This is dangerous to operators and can lead to pump failures and increase maintenance costs.
  • DO NOT overuse garbage disposals. The majority of what is put in a garbage disposal can be put into a waste basket. This will keep the cost of operation and maintenance lower and will prevent frequent sewer cleaning.
  • DO NOT bury the manholes covers. They are required to be at the surface for maintenance. Additional costs to uncover the manhole covers may be charged to the property owner.
  • DO NOT put grease down your drains. Hamburger grease and fryer oil can clog lines and pumps and result in a sewer back-up into your home. Allow grease or oil to cool before throwing in the garbage.
  • DO NOT build fences, decks or sheds over sewer mains or leads. Anything that prevents access, if there is a break, could be destroyed during repairs. If you are unsure where your sewer lead is, please contact the MHOG Utility Department, we will provide you with a lead sheet. Also, call MISS DIG before building anything on your property.